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Covent Garden, llc., believes in 'green landscaping' methodology. Worlds apart from traditional techniques! Emphasis on the conscious selection of appropriate plants, water efficiency/conservation, and the use of fewer resources to blend the landscape into the natural world, and enrich the bio diversity of the surrounding ecosystem.

The needs for irrigation in the Washington, DC area are numerous. From plant health to vast green lawns. Covent Garden Designs systems are installed to match the Clients, and site needs with an emphasis on creating efficiency and water conservation. including rain sensors and reduction nozels.

At your home, your landscape represents a spacious room. Add enjoyment and function to this space by installing a hardscape element; whether you desire to entertain friends and family with a stunning outdoor kitchen and fire place, or, you just need a comfortable place to relax while watching the children play, Covent Garden Landscape Design can create the ultimate space you crave.



Experienced landscaped Designer, Architects and certified Arborists create the core building blocks for all our designs.

From the beginning stages our Designers will walk you through the step by step process to realizing your dream. With highly skilled craftsmanship in masonry and carpentry that compliments any design concept. Working within budget and addressing any site constraints.


The scope of work included in design-build projects include the following:


  - Patios & Pool Decks                - Outdoor Kitchens           - Fences & Decks              

  - Driveways & Walkways           - Plant Installation