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The Tree Hugger’s Driveway Dilemma - By Bill Anhut 

Established in 1998 by owner Jad Dumbrell, whose goal was to create a company that places importance on customer care, and attention to detail. With over twenty years experience originating from the gardens of Sussex in England, and joined by talented designers from the Metro area Covent Garden Design, llc., has established itself as a leader in all aspects of exterior landscape design and build, including 'Going Green' a focus on reducing your surroundings impact on the environment.

For years, space has disappeared in our garage. Cars have no room to park. Similarly, parking space in front of our home has been diminishing as more vehicles park on our street. When the county installed sidewalks and new lights on Cleveland Street, we built a driveway apron and a small asphalt pad, on a side lot, for contingency parking. However we have been reluctant to install a permanent driveway, fearing it would harm our beautiful October Glory red maple growing nearby. We think we have found an eco-friendly driveway solution that will complement our landscape, and not damage the tree.