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At your home, your landscape represents a spacious room. Add enjoyment and function to this space by installing a hardscape element; whether you desire to entertain friends and family with a stunning outdoor kitchen and fire place, or, you just need a comfortable place to relax while watching the children play, Covent Garden Landscape Design can create the ultimate space you crave. 



Hardscape Projects

Fire Features 

Late nights having a toast with that special someone or roasting marshmallows with your kids, fireplaces and fire pits will create many special and memorable moments. Call us today! You’ll be mesmerized by the possibilities.




   Fire Pits

   Pizza Ovens 


Water Features 

Relax to the sounds of water splashing over rocks and frogs serenading from under a strategically placed piece of driftwood. Nothing brings you closer to nature, because when we build your special water feature, nature will come to you.










Whether you prefer natural or manufactured stone, our skilled craftsmen are qualified to construct a wide variety of custom projects.




   Pool surrounds


   Retaining walls


   Radius steps




Exotic and domestic wood types, as well as, composite and vinyl materials offer unique architectural opportunities. Our experienced carpenters enjoy a challenge and look forward to building your structure with exacting precision.









   Pool Houses